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We are bringing together the local maker community and the city administration to explore new solutions that improve life in the city



Let's Create Awesome Stuff in the City

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Learning Experience

Take the chance to learn new skills and technologies from mentors and peers!


Team can be composed autonomously. Members can be from companies, institutions, research centers, and universities. We recommend a team to be composed at least two and a maximum of eight people. Each team presents their work to the others at the end of the event or, if unable to present, the documentation you provide will be summarised. Infrastructure for presentations will be made available.


No transfer of rights: everyone retains the rights to anything they have created. Waiver: No one will exercise any rights of exclusivity with respect to information they bring in, even if otherwise could exercise such right of exclusivity under the law. Openness: all participants are required to submit code under a recognised open source license (we suggest MIT License) and creative works like text, pictures, music or designs under a creative commons license (we suggest CC-BY-SA 4.0). Courtesy: Give credit. Ask if you can, but by default assume to include all those who have somehow contributed to the project.


Organizers and Speakers

Lynda Smith

Ewa Czekaj - Kamińska
Mobility and ECOmovement. A relation between the city and the AGH Campus

Lynda Smith

Gonzalo Casas

Starting Projects


We do not want to reinvent the wheel, past and current project which have been successful will be used as a starting point to improve even further.


We will meet first at the end of March to further brainstorm the next initiative in particular to address coal power pant and pollution from the countryside around Krakow. This will follow a period of development remotely. We will meet again before Fall 2022, to actuate the solutions before the next Fall.


We are investigating what are the current achievement and what still needs to be done.

Hackathon March

Hackathon to find new solutions about coal factories and villages near Krakow.


Further work outside the hackathon on the identified solutions.

Launch Fall

Launch and further validate the solutions.


16:00 A. Crimi - Opening

16:10 M. Gnat - Airly future steps

16:30 E. Czekaj - Kamińska - Mobility and ECOmovement. A relation between the city and the AGH Campus

16:50 M. Rys - Smogathon experience

17:10 G. Casas - MakeZurich results

17:25 A. Dworakowska - Krakowski Alarmsmogowy

17:40 M. Szwed - Project Neurosmog

18:00 Hackathon/Brainstorming

18:50 Closing and planning future steps

Organizers and Patrons




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Tel: +48 12 307 27 37

Czarnowiejska 36 building C5 30-054 Kraków